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Vardaan Ambassadors are active fans of innovation, compassion & team management, who are passionate for leadership opportunities & wish to bring change in society. Vardaan Ambassadors connect Institutes & People with like-minded peers and lead others through activities and campus events. Start by deepening your skills and then build status as you attend events or host activities. Along the way, you will benefit from job and career guidance and networking opportunities.

  • Get 25 Registrations for our Skills Profiling Program

  • Intercultural communication

  • Storytelling

  • Visualization

  • Problem solving

  • Team Management

  • Leadership Quality

  • Get dedicated Business Cards

  • Exclusive Training in Career Counselling

  • Free Finger Print Machine for Skills Profiling

  • Become Authorized Career Counselor with Vardaan

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Program Structure

Sign up and learn about the requirements to become a Vardaan Ambassador and discover the benefits of joining the program through our orientation process.

Build your portfolio and network with Vardaan Initiative. Access to Curated learning content & resources. Exclusive opportunities. 

Rise above the crowd and lead your peers in campus activities. Manage independent teams and projects. 

Recognition & opportunities for Expert Elite Ambassadors

Stay in contact with the Vardaan community and grow your network. Keep your skills sharp and continue to build up your profile.

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